NGC 4038/4039 - Arp 244

Object: NGC 4038/39 The Antennae in the constellation Corvus at a distance of approximately 13.3 Mpc (43 Mly). Click image for full resolution.

Subimages L: 24 x 900 sec (6 hrs), Combined FWHM=1.5", Deconvolved FWHM=1.1"
Subimages RGB: 21/14/17 x 900 sec (5/3.5/4 hrs)
Scope: Planewave CDK20, EFL = 3420 mm
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME
Camera: Apogee U16M-D09F set to -30C
Guiding: Lodestar on MMOAG, ExpTime=0.1s, dithered
Other: Clement 3.5" Bellerophon focuser, Optec Pyxis 3" rotator, Apogee AFW50-10S filter wheel, Astrodon filters.
Acquisition and processing: MaxIm DL/CCD v5
Imaged during: March-April 2012
Imaged from: Arkaroola Remote Observatory in the Northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia