NGC 5676

Object: NGC 5676 galaxy in Bootes, 12.3m, 4' x 1.1', type SA(rs)bc, distance 30.8 Mpc (100 Mly).

Taken on 2006/05/03 with a C11 at f/10 and ST7EI (0.63"/pixel) mounted on a G11 with Gemini L4.
Autoguided via a SX716 on a Taurus Tracker III OAG.
Seeing was mediocre (FWHM 3 to 4"), transparancy was also mediocre in mag 5.5 skies.
Total exposure 25x4min (~1.5 hrs) using SD Mask combine.
Subimages were calibrated with bias, dark and flat field frames. Flats are camera only, no OTA.
Combined image was stretched non-linearly using the Curves command iteratively.
MaxIm DL/CCD v4.53 was used for all acquisition and processing.