NGC 6632

Object: NGC 6632 in Hercules, 12.9m, 3' x 1.1', SA(rs)bc spiral galaxy, distance 64 Mpc (210 Mly)

This galaxy is unusual in the fact that it has two distinct spiral patterns [1998 ApJ 502, 582], and is among largest known spiral galaxies with a diameter in excess of 50 kpc. The largest known being NGC 6872 at 106 kpc (~350 kly) and Malin 1 at 200 kpc in diameter [AJ 133, 1085].

Subimages L: 64 x 300 sec (5.3 hrs), Input FWHM = 2 - 3", Final FWHM=2.5"
Subimages RGB: 10,9,5 x 600s binned 2x2 (4 hrs)
Scope: C11XLT EFL=2940 mm (f/10.5 effective)
Mount: Losmandy G11 with Gemini L4
Camera: ST8XME+CFW10 (0.63"/pixel) set to -15C
Guiding L: Self-guide, ExpTime=1 sec, dithered
Acquisition and processing: MaxIm DL/CCD v4.5
Imaged on: May 22, June 17, July 23, August 5, 8, 13, 15 and 16th, 2007.
Lost 14 L frames and 50 RGB frames mostly from an internal reflection

Cropped, enlarged 200% and linearly stretched calibrated L master frame.

Label A: 2MASX J18245534+2730302, 45" x 15", Bright nucleus offset from center of elongated haze.
Label B: Not cataloged, 12" x 10"

Both of these galaxies are unlike the many other background galaxies, perhaps they are satellites to NGC 6632. In addition Galaxy A seems distorted and may have interacted with it's much larger neighbor, perhaps fueling the double ringed shaped.