Construction of Floor

Laid down initial "joists", the boards are dug into the ground to come out nearly level. They carefully avoid the stones laid in the ground for the tripod legs.

Same "joists" as seen from the POD entrance. In this shot one can see the amount of tilt in this part of the yard.

Floor boards ready to be installed. Each was rough cut to approximately the right length with a miter saw, then fitted and cut exactly with a jig saw.

Middle six boards screwed down into joists.

I'm not the only one excited to be in a POD!

Losmandy G11 tripod feet are resting on isolated stones under the floor, viewed from the POD entrance.

I had to make sure there was a good 1/4" gap every where between the boards and the stones to account for board flex when moving about.

Why I got a POD !!!